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Birthday your Lovely day

A birthday is very fine day when you should think of rebuilding your life or style. This the day of your first cry and further all development. Lovely day. The pleased day for everybody and you are given as a gift to this world. We receive a lot like  These Birthday Wishes  from our friends, relatives and near and dear ones. You are real hero of your life and write a new episode on this day of your birth.

On this day what you can do is:

You can decide a new agenda of your life.

You can start doing love what you do.

What will you become in next 5 years.

What are your weak and plus points.

What is best thing you like to achieve in life.

What are the mistakes you did in your life and what you learnt from them?

Time is very precious so spend it in useful stuff.

Smile – The medicine of life. Never leave it.

Now over,

You should decide on your birthday:

Dance like anything,

Party whole time.

Cheers and let the wind blow.

Thank everybody for making your day very special.

Love life and never let any moment go waste.

Never fight and forgive everybody.

Care for your elders, specially parents.

Care what you do and never give up.

We will keep writing and updating these stuff with lots more creative contents. Till than Enjoy




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